Monday, 7 November 2011

Tips? Tricks? or just advice?

Hi Peeps,

BB here - I'm back - did ya miss me?

Anyhow you will be seeing me around a bit more frequently now ( Oh come on - im not that bad - he he), I have finished uni for the year and technically have until March off - that is of course unless I fail a subject ( but shhhhh about that ) - oh before I forget thankyou all so much for your best wishes before my exams it meant a lot to me.

So, what am I bringing to the table today? A tip? A trick? or just some advice? I really don't know where to classify it, but I was working on a page last night and got a little bit stumped, I stared at my page for a second and then had a minor brain wave.

How do you create texture without it dominating your layout?

I know there are a million different brands of texture paste out and they are all different in the effects that they give. I wanted to create dimension that wasn't overpowering - this is what I came up with

I used one of the Crafter's Workshop templates ( that you can purchase from here )
Put my texture paste over it
Before it dried I sprayed a mist all over it
Gave it a 5 minute dry with the heat gun
And then gave it another light spray

So as you can see by the final product -

The texture is there but it does not take over the page.

I hope I have been of some help - but if you have anything that you would like some advice on please leave a comment and I will do my best to help you out.

Happy Scrappy Days



Leanne J said...

so awesome BB... love the way you did that.. looks superb.. also that layout is pretty super funky as well..

Jules said...

Fabulous B... such a great subtle background detail. Love it! :) x

Dolly B said...

Very Nice BB I like :)

Mary x

Cheryl said...

Looks fantastic, will have to try it.