Tuesday, 31 January 2012

FIRST Fortnightly Challenge for 2012

Hi Peeps,

The FIRST Fortnightly Challenge for 2012 has been posted....... 
Here is a sneek of the layout I created for it - 

The winner will receive a $10 Scrapboxx Voucher
So head on over and check it out


featured this week...

is this super sweet layout by Miranda..

I totally love all that texture and the combination of machine and hand stitching..and the way she's framed the photo..


Gina xox

Monday, 30 January 2012

"What's Hot Catch up"

Ok, so I have been very neglectful of late but with the Boys going back to school this week I am keen to make up for lost time!!!! So Apologies and a happy creative year to all you fellow Boxxers!!!!

So what has  been the hot thing in paper craft circles of late? Well I will tell you my passion at the moment is Tape, Tape wonderful Tape!!!!!!!! Just cannot get enough of the stuff and seems to be my go to product for everything right now!

Ok, I hear you all groan and say how it can be a little expensive but you seriously do not have to spend a fortune! Do yourself a favour and raid the shed/ garage/ Bunnings and get some masking tape ..... wonderful versatile gear! The bonus is it is so cheap and comes in different widths for your creative pleasure!!! You can jazz it up buy adding some ink,  stamp on it, write on it, the  possibilities are endless......
 In this LO I used masking tape then stamped it with a red circle pattern, it blends in with a little washi tape and the paper strips can make it look like I have used all my tape in one LO!

So sorry had to remove photo for publication be back soon!!
 Here is the masking tape.....

Even though it has been around for a while, a heap of the paper ranges coming out at CHA this week have tape within their ranges, I want them all!!!!! But in the mean time have a go at using the cheats version..... it is full of potential!!!! 

May the paper be with you.... till next time, 


Journaling 101 - tip #3

Hi Everyone!  Today's journaling tip is another very easy one.  It is all about the title and how you can use it as a launching pad into more journaling on layouts....

I'm not sure about you, but I am often drawn to layouts that use different fonts and styles in the titles.  There is the element of interest of course, but I find that the "long" title draws me into the story being shared.  It is most definitely a starting point - a first paragraph if you like.. :)  And it can set the tone for the rest of what you want to document.

"Have Faith"

My story has been shared behind the "blank" shipping tag about my son's fear of going into deep water.  What my title documents, are my words of encouragement to help him, step by step, conquer his reluctance of even going near the water's edge.


I found by starting with my title it allowed me to focus on what story, I really wanted to capture.  I could have written about where we were and what we were doing (things that I included in my story anyway) but I stopped and ignored the obvious.  Boy about to go swimming...  Even in the short months since taking these photos, my son has blossomed near and in the water.  He absolutely loves it, but I wanted to remember the time he wasn't quite sure about it.  It was a fleeting moment but part of our lives all the same.

So, the next time you are trying to decide what you want to title your layout, consider the story behind the photos and see if that helps lead you into more journaling.

more from Me......

a LAYOUT..yep.. finished anothery.. {actually been working on a few lately... dt for FEB since all my posts are scheduled for the start of the month and thats when i'm moving..but anyho.....}
todays is all about October Afternoons Farmhouse collection.. yep .. another layout for the Boxx to show this collection off..
well this one is totally different from my first just so you can see how you can use it in so many different ways...
"Family [plus]"
Family [Plus}
and of course some closies....
all the embellies.. above and below come from the flower sack and the miscellany... how fun..and how easy to create this layout.... SWEET..
and then some lil photos and the rest of the title....
yes Zhu Zhu pets are fun for the kids but holy crap they can be noisy and annoying...!! seriously.... lol

Thursday, 26 January 2012

hhheeeellllloooo!!!!.. what you watching....

Hello everyone..
how are we all this wonderful Aussie DAy.. i hope you all had an enjoyable one.. well me i packed boxes..yep finally started packing coz it dawned on me that NEXT weekend we are moving.. wowzers that was quick......
so anyho....
onto why i am here..and its for this months Manufacture WATCH..and what have i been watching you ask.. well it is a favourite brand of mine.....
OCTOBER AFTERNOON... yep... LOVE them..and i've been checking out their new range FARMHOUSE.....
i have created one layout to show today and then i'll back over the next few days with anothery for you....
"Starting Today"
Starting Today the bunting i actually fussy cut from the ClothesLine pattern Paper... {HERE}

and then the actual background is ahhummm "B" side to the Phonograph paper.. {here}
a close up of the layered flower type production at the top.. made it from this pack.. its awesome...
so there you have it.... oh and YES that is al-foil on the background... i know once i start something..... lol.
happy creating peeps..
lots of sugar to you all...


Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Hi Boxxers,

Do any of you have a fear of your own handwriting?

Let me tell you a little story - I have been scrapping for about 6 years now and nearly every single layout that I did either contained NO journalling or COMPUTER GENERATED journalling - it did not matter how good a layout looked, the minute I put my own writing to it I immediately hated the layout with a passion.

It was not the fact that my writing was messy the fact was it was too neat and my problem was that I admired the scrappers who had the funkiest handwriting that just looked amazing.

At the beginning of last year I made a pact with myself that from now on any page that I created MUST be handwritten on - OMG how was I going to do this?

Well let me tell you..............you are all gunna think i'm kooky now (anyone who scraps with me has a big giggle at my expense) - I discovered that if I wrote my journalling lightly on my page in pencil and then turned my page upsidedown and wrote in marker it gave my journalling a slightly creative edge.

So my tip and challenge to you all today - next time you tackle handwritten journalling on your layout try doing it upsidedown to see if you like it better.

Happy Days


Monday, 16 January 2012

featured this week..

is this sweet card made by Heather Jacob..

there's so many beautiful elements to this card..the layered borders, misting, flower cluster, twine and chipboard piece..just stunning! CONGRATS Heather..and thanks for sharing in the Boxx gallery!

Gina x

Thursday, 12 January 2012

It's a Lift!

Hello lovely people!!

This is a scheduled post, so as you read this, I'll be either splashing around at the beach on the Sunshine Coast, or laid back at the day spa... probably snoring!  lol  

Anyway, back to business.  It is my turn to pick a layout from the Boxx Gallery ... and shamelessly lift it!  I couldn't go past this stunning page by the gorgeous and super talented, Heather Jacob.  I just love the white on white with a touch of cream and golden tones.  I've wanted to do something like this for ages and this gave me the perfect opportunity.  I also loved the layered strips of punched paper and the white chippy element on white cs... and of course the stitching (duh)  :)

{my xmas gift}

Thanks for popping by... try not to think of me sipping mai tai's by the pool!  hehee

See you soon,


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Scrapboxx Sale

Have you checked out our sale yet? There are heaps of bargains to be had so we can clear the way for new stock in 2012
Plus heaps more - too many to mention here - across the store and we will be adding regularly all January. www.scrapboxx.com.au

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

December Boxx of Scraps

This Boxx of Scraps is a bittersweet one for me - sweet because it was such fun to design and create with. A little sad that it will be my last kit with Scrapboxx as I have resigned from the design team after two fun-filled years.

This kit has a really vibrant and cheerful Summer vibe, with flowers, clouds and fluttering creatures galore! I had such fun playing with it. Instructions for this first layout 'Garden Girl' will be uploaded to the Boxx of Scraps group shortly.

Monday, 2 January 2012

December Book Of You

Hello Again... :)

Back with my final installment of the Book of You Kits....
The December Book of You is all about "The Things I Love About Christmas".

For me, Christmas means simply, spending time with my special people and really cherishing those everyday moments and taking the time to focus on the fundamentally important things... like just giving your children the gift of your time and attention. Only then can we really appreciate these special moments that might otherwise go un-noticed.

My first layout is all about a photo I took of my eldest son on Christmas Day this year. He’s a very active little man and just doesn’t stop from the moment his eyes open in the morning, until bed-time. It was nice to watch him find things to do on Christmas Day when we were camping at our local camping spot, especially in such a lovely tranquil setting.


My second layout is all about my youngest son. He gets away with soooo much more than his brother and sisters ever did at the same age.... even chocolate before breakfast on Christmas Day! I just adore the ‘and what are you going to do about it’ look on his face... although I know I shouldn’t! :)


Tutorials for these layouts are available to kit subscribers in the BOY Kit Group over at The Boxx.

It's now time for me to pass the BOY Kit on to Gina.  I'm absolutely certain you will love what Gina has in store.... :)

Cheers for now,


Sunday, 1 January 2012

Fortnightly Challenge Winner (19th Dec - 1st Jan)

Hey All,
Michelle here with a quick post before going away for the week. I had a difficult decision to make on this one, so many awesome entries at such a hectic time of year!
Without further ado I have a winner!

JO With her magnificent Door Wreath just love the use of all the patterned paper, the effect was totally rockin' the Christmas theme! Xmaswreath2011.JPG.jpg

So congratulations to you Jo, have fun shopping!! 
Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year!
Catch up with you all when I get back! 


January 2012 Sketch Challenge

Happy 2012 Lovely Boxx Ladies!!  I hope you all behaved yourselves... ;)

What better way to start off the New Year, than with a creative challenge!!  :)

The sketch this month is supplied by Me!  Based on one of my December BOY layouts, I thought I'd make a sketch from it for this month in order to fill the gallery with lots of relaxing, summery waves!!

So, lets do it ladies!!  hehee

Entries are due by midnight, Tuesday 31st January and the winning project will be featured in the main gallery for the month of February.

Cheerio for now.... can't wait to see what you fabulous talents come up with!!


December Sketch Winner

Happy New Year!!

Looking forward to a new year full of new creative challenges and just plain good fun?
Good, so are we!! 

To start this month off, I'd like to announce the winner of the December Sketch challenge......

Congratulations Jo!

I just love all the summery goodness in this gorgeous page.  Fantastic work Jo, and thanks to all our lovely ladies who participated at this really busy time of year!

I'll be back really soon with the first sketch challenge for 2012.