Monday, 30 January 2012

"What's Hot Catch up"

Ok, so I have been very neglectful of late but with the Boys going back to school this week I am keen to make up for lost time!!!! So Apologies and a happy creative year to all you fellow Boxxers!!!!

So what has  been the hot thing in paper craft circles of late? Well I will tell you my passion at the moment is Tape, Tape wonderful Tape!!!!!!!! Just cannot get enough of the stuff and seems to be my go to product for everything right now!

Ok, I hear you all groan and say how it can be a little expensive but you seriously do not have to spend a fortune! Do yourself a favour and raid the shed/ garage/ Bunnings and get some masking tape ..... wonderful versatile gear! The bonus is it is so cheap and comes in different widths for your creative pleasure!!! You can jazz it up buy adding some ink,  stamp on it, write on it, the  possibilities are endless......
 In this LO I used masking tape then stamped it with a red circle pattern, it blends in with a little washi tape and the paper strips can make it look like I have used all my tape in one LO!

So sorry had to remove photo for publication be back soon!!
 Here is the masking tape.....

Even though it has been around for a while, a heap of the paper ranges coming out at CHA this week have tape within their ranges, I want them all!!!!! But in the mean time have a go at using the cheats version..... it is full of potential!!!! 

May the paper be with you.... till next time, 


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Gina said...

gorgeous LO Michelle! :)