Monday, 30 January 2012

Journaling 101 - tip #3

Hi Everyone!  Today's journaling tip is another very easy one.  It is all about the title and how you can use it as a launching pad into more journaling on layouts....

I'm not sure about you, but I am often drawn to layouts that use different fonts and styles in the titles.  There is the element of interest of course, but I find that the "long" title draws me into the story being shared.  It is most definitely a starting point - a first paragraph if you like.. :)  And it can set the tone for the rest of what you want to document.

"Have Faith"

My story has been shared behind the "blank" shipping tag about my son's fear of going into deep water.  What my title documents, are my words of encouragement to help him, step by step, conquer his reluctance of even going near the water's edge.


I found by starting with my title it allowed me to focus on what story, I really wanted to capture.  I could have written about where we were and what we were doing (things that I included in my story anyway) but I stopped and ignored the obvious.  Boy about to go swimming...  Even in the short months since taking these photos, my son has blossomed near and in the water.  He absolutely loves it, but I wanted to remember the time he wasn't quite sure about it.  It was a fleeting moment but part of our lives all the same.

So, the next time you are trying to decide what you want to title your layout, consider the story behind the photos and see if that helps lead you into more journaling.

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Marie (Mazz) said...

TFS another creative journalling tip Leanne, great inspiration :)