Thursday, 24 November 2011

Journaling 101 : tip#1

Hello Friends!  Today I want to share a new series about journaling here at The Boxx.  I hope to encourage you all to share more of your stories, document your family history and have instant recall when you look back at your pages in the future.

Is that asking a bit too much? LOL!  Believe me though, it is possible.  And with a few hints and tips, you will all be journaling like old pros before you know it.  :D

This is certainly a busy time of year for many people.  And I know sometimes... scrapbooking gets put on the back-burner during the silly season.  So let's make it easy for us to get something started.

Tip #1 is to use a prompt.  These are great as starting points.  Of course though, you need to be motivated by it too.  Think about what the words from the prompt mean to you.  A good rule of thumb is to go with your first instinct.  Here is our first prompt:

This season what do you need to "remember to" do...  Or what do you need to "remember to"  think about.  Maybe it's a list of things you need to remember, like recipes and Christmas presents...

If there isn't enough room to journal all your thoughts, consider putting in some hidden journaling to help the process along.  "Remember to" add the details as well.


Good luck with your first journaling challenge.  Please leave a link here in the comments if you complete it.  I'd love to see your ideas..x


Dolly B said...

Great Idea Leanne

Mary x

Felicity said...

yep.. I LOVE IT!! GREAT challenge Leanne and of course that page is ace :) x

Dolly B said...

Have done mine, not sure if I am happy with it, but its another memory or memories down. Thanks Leanne, a great challenge and got me thinking
Mary x