Saturday, 24 March 2012

Feb BOS Kit

Hi All,
Just a quick peek at the 2nd page I completed using the Feb BOS Kit. It is a little different to the first I know, but I was in a different mind set when I started!!! Well here goes:

Out for publication
So Sorry 
Will be back Soon!

 My 2 boys with their much loved Pop who celebrated his 70th Birthday this year! Went a little bit grungy this time, decided I did not get dirty enough with the last one!

I stuck with the Kit pretty much except for the stamps ansd guess what I still have stuff left over that will go into a few cards perhaps!

As you can see I did not use the frame as such, just wanted to use the flourish, so I took to it with a scalpel any rough edges you can file off with a sanding block or I use an emery board for the smaller bits.
So there you have it, I hope everyone has as much fun as I did with this Kit. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has created!

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Gina said...

wow..fabulous Michelle!! your grungy style! :)