Monday, 18 June 2012

What's Hot for Chilly June

Hi all,
hope everyone is keeping warm and creating up a "storm" in these icy months of Winter! So, what is "hot" for June... well I know I have talked about tape before, but the trend is still very "Now"! I can't get enough of this versatile stuff, they just keep coming up with more fun and funky designs to keep me happy!
So I thought I would show you something different to do with it and, I kid you not, so incredibly easy to do...... I am going over to the USA to visit my little brother who has 3 girls very soon so I thought I could whip up a little gift for my nieces.
These are what I came up with.... notebooks to go with their Caramellos and Tim Tams!

So so easy you will have these done in a Jiffy! I bought the notebooks from Officeworks, they were just plain white covers then I just piled on the tape. You could use the same technique for cards and gift tags.
If you are not a hoarder like me with tape of every colour known to man, you could incorporate strips of scrap paper with some tape for the same affect!
I hope I have given some inspiration, stay warm and scrap happy!


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